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Tax Return Guides 2023

No two client's needs will likely ever be the same, nor will they likely have the exact same tax obligations.

That's why we need to take care and keep our knowledge up to date when filing our client's returns; what works for one might not be applicable to another.

But as a practising accountant, isn't it especially handy when there are detailed instructions that you can follow on how to complete the work you need to do?

Lucky for you, our 2023 Tax Return Guides are now available!

With over 1700+ pages of content to peruse in total over the 6 guides, ensure you're prepared for the 2023 tax return season with these user-friendly tools for practicing accountants. 

Tax Return Guides (PDF Or Printed Bundles)
  • Individual Income Tax Return Guide 2023 (448 pages)

  • Trust Tax Return Guide 2023 (282 pages) 

  • Superannuation Fund Annual Return Instructions (221 pages)

  • Partnership Tax Return Guide 2023 (196 pages)

  • Company Tax Return Guide 2023 (318 pages)

  • Capital Gains Tax Manual 2023 (327 pages)

  • BONUS! Small Business Concessions Manual 2022 (143 Pages)

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Live Events For 2024

Live Training - Presented by Industry Experts

Tax Training Day 

July & November 2024 (Up to 14 Hours of CPD)

Tax Training Day is one of our signature events that help accountants sharpen their professional skills and learn the most up to date knowledge from the leaders in the industry.  

Sydney Dates: (9am - 5.30pm)
Friday 26th July 2024
Friday 1st November 2024

All held at Mercure Sydney (Next to Central Station)

July Topics:

  • SMSF Update by Peter Johnson (1 hour)
  • Division 7A by Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours)
  • Quarterly Tax Update (3 hours)

Our presenters are industry thought leaders, they not only possess experienced technical knowledge but be able to deliver engaging presentations that make your tax training day interesting and interactive. You will want to come back again each time. 

Live Training - Presented by Peter Johnson

Tax Training On The Gold Coast

Every Month in 2024 (Up to 18 Hours of CPD)

With our Tax Training On The Gold Coast events, enjoy interactive, live presentations that encourage your questions and learn about topics like professional practice income and streaming, small business CGT concessions, main residence exemptions and much more.

Gold Coast Dates: (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
From February 2024 - November 2024

All held at Advisers Digest's Southport Office (Gold Coast)

Each Month's Topics with Peter Johnson (3 hours each):

  • Next Upcoming Topic - June - Superannuation Contributions & Contribution Strategies
  • July - Tax Update
  • August - Deceased Estates
  • September - Estate Planning For Accountants
  • October - Tax Update
  • November - Documenting Common Transactions

These events are great opportunity to learn from an industry expert presenter and pick their brain on relevant special topics. Not only will you learn a lot but you also get to discuss your thoughts and opinions with like-minded peers.

Live Training - Presented by Peter Johnson

Gold Coast Tax Training Days

July & October 2024 (Up to 14 Hours of CPD)

Tax Training Day is one of our signature events designed to enhance accountants' professional acumen, offering them the latest insights from industry leaders. And in 2024 we're bringing it to Gold Coast!

Gold Coast Dates: (9am - 5.30pm)
Friday 19th July 2024
Friday 25th October 2024

All held at Advisers Digest's Southport Office (Gold Coast)

July Topics with Peter Johnson:

  • SMSF Update by Peter Johnson (1 Hour)
  • Small Business CGT Concessions by Peter Johnson (3 Hours)
  • Quarterly Tax Update by Peter Johnson (3 Hours)

What sets this event apart is our commitment to maintaining an intimate, interactive, and engaging atmosphere. This ensures participants gain valuable knowledge while thoroughly enjoying the training. You will want to come back again each time. 

Live Training - Presented by Expert Presenters

CPD In Paradise 2024

4 & 5 July 2024 (14 Hours of CPD)

In 2024, we're bringing CPD in Paradise 2 day conference for accountants back to Cairns. Why not plan a tax-deductible working holiday that covers 14 hours of CPD, two days of industry expert presentations, and all located in the tropical north of Australia.

📍 Novotel Cairns
📅 4 & 5 July 2024 (Thursday & Friday)
⌛14 Hours of CPD

Dates & Locations: (9am - 5.30pm)

Not only do you have the opportunity to mingle, network and enjoy the company of other like-minded accountants during our 2-day event, we also have a few extras to enjoy including our 2 hour welcome drinks* and 3-course dinner

You'll also receive 14 CPD hours from CPD in Paradise (7 hours per day).

There are only a few seats left so don't miss out!

Upcoming Online Webinars/
Masterclasses In 2024

Online Webinar Series - Presented by Peter Johnson

Tackling The Small Business CGT Concessions

Running from 21 May to 1 July (7 Hours of CPD)

The Small Business CGT concessions are complicated, there is no doubt about that.  Each situation is different and it requires a detailed review whilst tracking through the legislation.   We constantly need to train on the Small Business CGT Concessions.

And that is exactly why Advisers Digest has developed our 7-day Small Business CGT Concessions webinar series. 

Webinar Dates:

Session 1: Instant Access To Webinar Recording
Session 2: 12:00 PM Tuesday 28 May 2024 (AEST)
Session 3: 12:00 PM Tuesday 4 June 2024 (AEST)
Session 4: 12:00 PM Tuesday 11 June 2024 (AEST)
Session 5: 12:00 PM Tuesday 18 June 2024 (AEST)
Session 6: 12:00 PM Tuesday 25 June 2024 (AEST)
Session 7: 12:00 PM Monday 1 July 2024 (AEST)

Session Topics:

  • Small Business Concessions
  • The Basic Conditions for Relief
  • $6 Million MNAV Test & the Active Asset Test
  • Connected Entities & Affiliates
  • The 15 Year Exemption & the Small Business 50
  • Retirement Exemption & Roll Over Relief
  • Getting the Money Into Super

Plus at the end of each session, Peter will also run through case studies

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Online Masterclass - Presented by Peter Adams

Individual Income Tax Returns - Disclosure & Compliance

5th & 12th June 2024 (3 Hours of CPD)


This Masterclass guides you through the key elements and aspects of Australian taxation law, as it relates to disclosure and compliance pertaining to income tax returns for individuals.

It also outlines the administrative requirements including returns, tax collection and withholding mechanisms, assessments, obligations, rulings, penalties and audits.

Webinar Dates:

Session 1 - 12:30PM, Wednesday, 5 June 2024 (AEST)
Session 2 - 12:30PM, Wednesday, 12 June 2024 (AEST)

This online masterclass covers income tax return disclosure and compliance requirements for individuals, including:

  • Assessable income
  • Deductions
  • Tax rebates/offsets and tax accounting
  • Residence, source of income and international tax
  • Reportable superannuation and fringe benefits tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Termination payment rules
  • Income tests
  • Medicare Levy
  • Record keeping
  • And much more...

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Online Webinar - Presented by Peter Adams

Tax Update Webinar

Thursday, 30 May 2024 (1 Hour of CPD)


With a dynamic and ever-changing field, accountants need to be sure that their knowledge is up to date and ready to act.

On a regular basis, the ATO introduces new changes to the taxation industry in the form of rulings, legislation and court cases that can affect how you deal with issues for your clients.

Don't miss out on critical updates by joining us for our Monthly Tax Update Webinars. Every month, Senior Tax Counsel Peter Adams presents a 1-hour 100% live session via an online webinar.

Next Tax Update Webinar:

📅1:00PM Thursday, 30 May 2024 (AEST)

We'll be covering the key legislative changes that may have been introduced within the tax industry from February through to November, to ensure that your technical knowledge is current with this online webinar.

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Online Webinar - Presented by Allyson Pannier

Completing Income Returns Webinar

Thursday, 13 June 2024 (1 Hour of CPD)


This webinar will help you navigate the tax return forms and explain the more common items and schedules included in Company, Trust and Partnership returns.

It will focus on correctly completing the common items in Tax Returns and Schedules as well as tips and tricks for efficient completion of returns and checking your work.

Webinar Date:

12:00 PM, Thursday, 13 June 2024 (AEST)

The topics covered will include:

  • Which data to use from the accounts when completing tax returns
  • ATO data matching and risk management
  • Where and how to correctly report capital gains
  • Disclosures for claiming of prior year losses and eligibility rules
  • Disclosures required for Unpaid Present Entitlement to private companies
  • What is meant by Income of the Trust Estate?
  • Distributions to Beneficiaries

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Online Webinar - Presented by Peter Johnson

Ethics Webinar

Thursday, 23 May (1 Hour of CPD)


Ethics has become a prescribed component of CPD requirements for practising accountants of certain professional bodies (IPA, CPA & CA). It's not something that a lot of us think about when it comes to our training needs.

Our informative, online webinars are a great way to receive your CPD training without needing to take time off to attend. 

Webinar Date:

12:00 PM, Wednesday, 19 June 2024 (AEST)

Over the hour, it thoroughly covers the following:

  • An update on what the standards board (APESB) are up to and any relevant changes or announcements
  • An analysis of one of the ethical standards or principles
  • Case studies relating to the standard
  • Any relevant disciplinary cases from the previous month
  • 15 minutes of Q&A and discussion about the standard.
  • And much, much more

Find out more information about this webinar by clicking on the button below.

Live Webinar Recordings

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