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Complete Tax CPD Training 

Meet Your Yearly CPD Requirements Easily

Monthly Tax Update & Special Topic Masterclass Training
Completely Online (40 Hours CPD/Year)

As a practising accountant, you know you are required to complete a total of 120 hours of CPD per triennium (CA, CPA & IPA), with at least 20 hours undertaken each year. This equates to 40 hours of CPD per year.

As well as this, you are required to stay on top abreast of tax developments so as to provide the best service you can to your clients.

The Complete Tax CPD will provide you with 40 hours of CPD per year to meet your yearly requirement, whilst providing you with high-quality training that helps you stay up to date with changes within the taxation industry, as well as specialist training on important special topics.

One Program, One Certificate, One Great Price.

Upcoming In-Person Training

Tax Training Day
16 October 2020, Friday (7 hours of CPD)

Our final session for 2020 begins on 16th of October in Sydney CBD. 

Keep up to date with all the major tax & legislative changes within the last quarter while learning important special superannuation & tax topics.

At our October event, we'll be looking at: SMSF's & Related/Unrelated Trusts, and Property - The Capital Revenue Distinction.

Individual Tax Return Disclosure 2020 Workshop for registered Tax Agents, presented by Peter Johnson

Individual Tax Return Disclosure 2020 Live Workshop
28 October 2020, Wednesday (7 hours of CPD)

Every year new changes are introduced to taxation law, by way of new legislation, court judgements and ATO Rulings that may impact the way you complete your client’s individual income tax returns.

Particularly for the preparation of 2020 income tax returns for individuals, these disclosures need to be correctly analysed and prepared so as to effectively manage tax compliance risks and to provide an optimum tax return preparation and lodgement service for your clients.

This informative live workshop guides you through all the key elements and aspects of Australian taxation law, as it relates to the preparation of 2020 income tax returns for individuals.

Individual Tax Return Disclosure 2020 Workshop for registered Tax Agents, presented by Peter Johnson

Pensions & Pension Strategies Workshop
Thursday, 12 November 2020 (4 hours of CPD)

Pensions inside super have become a lot more complicated since 2017. It used to be very simple. All your money was in a pension but now can't all be in a pension. There are transfer balance accounts, T-bar reporting, etc.

We will cover all the rules around pensions, when you have to report, what the impacts are on your transfer balance account, etc. Eg, what is the impact on a child's transfer balance account when a parent leaves them a death benefit pension?

Then we'll look in detail at strategies around maximizing your after tax benefit from pensions, especially when people have more than $1.6 million in super.

Join our live workshop to get a thorough understanding of all the details around pensions. 

Upcoming Online Training

Upcoming Webinars In October

Taxation Aspects of Companies & Distributions Masterclass by Peter Adams with Advisers Digest

Taxation Aspects of Companies & Distributions Masterclass 
2nd, 9th, 14th October 2020 (3 Hours of CPD)

This intensive three-part masterclass will give you practical hands-on understanding of company taxation and tax return disclosure.

As well, it looks at the fundamentals of income and deductions relevant to companies and then advances on through the more complex areas of income categories such as trading stock, capital gains, small business CGT concessions and taxation of company structures. 

As well, you will develop a strong understanding of the scope and framework of the SBE and BRE company taxation regime and requirements for tax return disclosure

Special Disability Trusts Webinar - Presented by Peter Johnson from Advisers Digest

Special Disability Trusts Webinar 
Thursday, 12PM, 22 October 2020 (2 Hours of CPD)

As practising accountants, you might come across clients who have family members with disabilities. Maybe you already deal with some...

Regardless, as accountants you will want to help them plan for the long term care and accommodation of these relatives…

And one of the considerations is determining whether a Special Disability Trust is an appropriate structure for the client.

This webinar will teach you about all the ins-and-outs when it comes to Special Disability Trusts so you can better advise your clients.

Upcoming Webinars In November

Tax Aspects of Winding up Companies presented by Peter Adams

Taxations Aspects of Winding Up Companies Masterclass
6th, 13th, 20th November 2020 (3 Hours of CPD)

Winding up companies... Sounds simple enough as a topic. Sell the assets, pay the creditors, distribute remaining assets and dissolve the company. 

We really need to understand the taxation aspects of winding up companies so as to avoid any potentially massive implications if done incorrectly. 

This three-part masterclass will examine the taxation aspects of winding up companies, including recent legislative changes, rulings and court judgements

SMSF Update Webinar presented By Peter Johnson of Advisers Digest

Bi-annual SMSF Update Webinar
Thursday, 12PM, 26th November 2020 (1 Hour of CPD)

As you may know, the 2020 federal budget has been deferred to October 2020.

So what you can expect in our November 2020 SMSF Update is all the changes to the SMSF sector from the budget. As well, we’ll cover all the other changes that have happened over the previous six months.

This SMSF update will be really important as we’ve had a lot of changes that need to happen around repaying all the COVID-19 debt.

A full outline of the SMSF update webinar will be provided once the federal budget is announced.

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