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Exclusive For Practising Accountants 

Property & SMSF Program

Property and SMSFs, they go hand in hand. If you're into SMSFs then you must also be into property.
That's why we've developed our online Property & SMSFs program. 
7 modules, 7 hours of CPD, zero hassle.

About This Program

The rules around Property & SMSFs are complex. Really complex.
That's why we have made our Property & SMSFs program simple and convenient.
This program offers seven, online modules straight at your fingertips, covering everything there is to know about Property & SMSFs.
PLUS, it's FPA accredited and gives you 7 hours of CPD.

Who Is This Program For?

Practising Accountants

This online training is essential to any practising accountant who wants to provide advice regarding direct property investing to their clients.

Breakdown of Training Modules

This program will provide you with seven, on-demand training modules. It has been designed to allow you to learn on your own schedule.
Here's what will be covered in each modules:


Introduction & Sole Purpose Test

✓ Introduction
✓ Sole Purpose Test ✓ SMSFR 2008/2 Examples ✓ AussieGolfa Case


Investment Restrictions

✓ Investment Restrictions ✓ Financial Assistance to Members ✓ Acquisition of Assets from Related Parties


Business Real Property

✓ Business Real Property Definition✓ Business Real Property Ruling✓ Business Real Property Examples


SMSFs & Unit Trusts

✓ Definition of related trusts ✓ Using Related Trusts✓ Pre-99 Trusts✓ Regulation 13.22 explain


Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangments

✓ LRBA’s ✓ Related Party Borrowings Including PCG 2016/5✓ Single Acquirable Asset


Property Structures

✓ Acquiring Property off a Related Party ✓ Paying Property out of a Pension ✓ Leasing to Related Parties ✓ ATO Concerns regarding Property Investments✓ Different Structures Available


Strategies & Case Studies

✓ 6 case studies to put it all together

What Will Be Covered?

Get a taste of our Property & SMSF Program with this sneak peek... 

Module Snippet

How much will this cost?

Get access to the entire training program. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you are

Property & SMSF Program

One Time Payment

Seven online modules
Get 7 hours of CPD
Get trained by leading SMSF Expert- Peter Johnson

Learn from your home/office
Quality, easy-to-digest content

100% online & self-paced


About Peter Johnson

Industry leader is an apt title for Peter Johnson. A chartered accountant with significant tenure as both practitioner and practice owner; a highly respected instructor; a Tax & SMSF specialist and sought-after Tax & SMSF keynote presenter.

Peter is dually gifted as a technician and presenter.

From this combination of technical knowledge and expertise, Peter has formed Advisers Digest, where he provides high-level technical support and training in all matters of taxation and superannuation.

• Founder of Advisers Digest • SMSF Specialist & Accredited Educator SMSF Association • CPA SMSF Specialist • Chartered Accountant • Chartered Secretary • Chartered Tax Adviser

Peter Johnson

Your Trainer  

Develop a thorough understanding of Property & SMSF's so you provide the best advice regarding direct property investing to your clients…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this program be relevant to me as an accountant?

Absolutely! The topic of Property & SMSFs is relevant to any practising accountant. However, the rules of Property & SMSFs are complex. The tax office is always publishing new publications of mistakes. That is why it is vital you understand everything there is to know about Property & SMSFs.

Q: How long do I get this training for?

You’ll receive access to this training for 7 months after your purchase date. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t enjoy the training?

When you purchase this training, you’ll receive a 7 day trial to ensure you are 100% happy with our services. This means you’ll receive Module 1 immediately, Module 2 after 7 days, and Modules 3-7 after 14 days (if you have chosen not to refund). You will not receive a CPD certificate if you purchase and subsequently refund our program.

For any refund, it will incur $22 admin fee which covers credit card processing fee charged by Stripe. 

Q: Will I receive a certificate to document my CPD training?

Yes, we will issue a certificate providing you with 7 hours of CPD. You will receive the certificate based on whether you complete the quizzes (verified certificates) or watch the training without completing the quizzes (non-verified certificate).  This is applicable for CA & IPA members and you have 7 months from the date of your purchase to complete quizzes to obtain your  CPD certificates. This will allow us to issue a formal CPD certificate. 

Q: Are there specific time slots?

No, this training is released as online modules, there is no ‘live’ session available. You can watch the content whenever you please. 

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Property & SMSF's Doesn't Need To Be Difficult...

Provide your clients the best advice regarding direct property investing with our FPA approved Property & SMSF Program. PLUS gain 7 hours of CPD!

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