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Exclusive For Practising Accountants

Advisers Digest Presents: The Complete Tax CPD Program with Peter Adams

Meet Your Yearly Tax CPD Requirements The Easy Way - One Program, 40 Hours, One Great Price

The Complete Tax CPD Program provides your 40-hour CPD requirement in one place, completely online so you can do your training when and where you want. 40 hours, one great price, zero hassle.

Register for our online Complete Tax CPD to sharpen your technical skills/knowledge and meet your annual CPD requirements easily...

Top 5 Benefits Of The Complete Tax CPD Program

Getting your required 40 hours of CPD training and staying on top of tax developments has never been easier thanks to our specially designed training program.

Tired of taking multiple courses, tracking hours, and spending a lot of time and money to meet your CPD requirement? Take the Complete Tax CPD Program online and save time, money, and hassle.

#1 Everything You Need in One Place

No need to struggle to find training sessions, travel to them, and carefully track your hours. Instead, get your entire 40 hours done in one program and get your attendance certificates (formal) or replay watching certificates (informal).

#2 Be Trained Online, Anytime (Incl. Recordings & Slides)

Because the program is 100% online, you can join live training sessions or review sessions via digital recordings & slides when it’s convenient for you.

#3 Quality Content, Real Learning

10 Special Topic Masterclasses and 10 Monthly Tax Update webinars per year to keep you abreast of important taxation developments and sharpen your skills.

#4 Ask the Experts

Interactive live webinar sessions mean you can ask Australia’s top taxation trainers about issues that directly concern you and your clients in relation to the training topic you are participating in.

#5 Save Money

The registration price averages to less than $63 per hour when you sign up with one payment. That is significantly less than the cost of travelling and losing billable hours.

Want To Get a Feel of The Training?

Check out some snippets from our live training sessions presented by Peter Adams.

Short Preview of our Tax Update Webinars

Tax Update - April 2021

Tax Update - March 2021

Tax Update - February 2021

Short Preview of our Tax Masterclasses

Individual Income Tax Returns 2021 - Disclosure, Compliance & Planning

Distribution of Professional Firm Profits

Small Business Entities Tax Concessions

Register for The Complete Tax CPD Program
Today and Save $2,963‬ with One Payment

Training Dates & Masterclass Topics

Just 4 Hours of Online Training Per Month to Meet Your CPD Requirements & Better Serve Your Clients

The Complete Tax CPD Program was developed specifically to provide accountants with quality tax training and updates whilst meeting CPD hour requirements. 
• Training runs from February to November each year.
• Get the online training just 4 hours per month: you can join the live sessions or review the recordings & slides on your own time.
10 Special Topic masterclasses (3 hours each month), 30 hours per year.10 Monthly Tax Update webinars (1 hour each month), 10 hours per year.
• During live sessions, you can ask the expert(s) questions.
• All our session times are based on Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra time.

Click on each topic to find out more details of our 2021 topics.

May Tax Update Webinar1pm - 2pm AESTThursday, 27 May 2021*

Distribution Of Professional Firm Profits

Session 1: Thursday, 1pm, 6 May 2021Session 2: Thursday, 1pm, 13 May 2021Session 3: Thursday, 1pm, 20 May 2021

July 2021

July Tax Update Webinar1pm - 2pm AESTThursday, 29 July 2021*

Session 1: Friday, 1pm, 8 July 2021 Session 2: Friday, 1pm, 15 July 2021 
Session 3: Friday, 1pm, 22 July 2021

June Tax Update Webinar1pm - 2pm AESTFriday, 25 June 2021*

Session 1: Friday, 1pm, 4 June 2021 Session 2: Friday, 1pm, 11 June 2021 Session 3: Friday, 1pm, 18 June 2021

August 2021

August Tax Update Webinar1pm - 2pm AESTFriday, 27 August 2021*

Session 1: Friday, 1pm, 6 Aug 2021Session 2: Friday, 1pm, 13 Aug 2021Session 3: Friday, 1pm, 20 Aug 2021

Session 1: Thursday, 1pm, 8 July 2021Session 2: Thursday, 1pm, 15 July 2021Session 3: Thursday, 1pm, 22 July 2021

September 2021

September Tax Update Webinar1pm - 2pm AESTThursday, 30 September 2021*

Session 1: Thursday, 1pm, 9 Sep 2021Session 2: Thursday, 1pm, 16 Sep 2021Session 3: Thursday, 1pm, 23 Sep 2021

October 2021

October Tax Update Webinar1pm - 2pm AEDTThursday, 28 October 2021*

Session 1: Thursday, 1pm, 7 Oct 2021Session 2: Thursday, 1pm, 14 Oct 2021Session 3: Thursday, 1pm, 21 Oct 2021

November 2021

November Tax Update Webinar1pm - 2pm AEDT Thursday, 25 November 2021*

Session 1: Thursday, 1pm , 4 Nov 2021 Session 2: Thursday, 1pm , 11 Nov 2021 Session 3: Thursday, 1pm , 18 Nov 2021

2022 To Be Confirmed

Topics & Session Dates for 2022 Complete Tax CPD program to be confirmed

Training will take place between February - November in 2022. 
Topics will be released shortly.

* Dates may subject to change, we will give you at least 4 weeks notice for any date change 

How We Issue Our CPD Certificates

As of July 1st 2021

Recently, the professional bodies have changed their Continuing Professional Development requirements (CAANZ CR7 and IPA Pronouncement 7).
Both CAANZ and the IPA are now requiring that you have "verifiable" CPD for at least 90 hours in a triennium.
If you watch a recording then this may not be considered formal training. Because of this we are now issuing different CPD certificates to ensure that those that attend live training can guarantee that this is verifiable CPD.

How do we issue our CPD certificates? ➜ Whilst you will still get the full hours on the certificate we will divide those hours into hours attended and hours watched online➜We have systems in place to allow us to monitor who attends and who actually views our online content and we need to show the professional bodies that we are ensuring that our subscribers are actually completing the training.
What counts as 'formal' and 'informal' training? If you attend a live webinar you will receive a certificate to say you attended (verified). Otherwise, you will receive a certificate to say you watched the recording. ➜ Whilst we would advise that you keep the slides etc we cannot guarantee that CAANZ or the IPA will consider watching a recording as being verified hours
But wait... You can gain 'verified' hours for pre-recorded sessions, you will just need to complete a short quiz at the end of the session within 14 days and if you pass then you will get the full hour as verified training. ➜ Within 14 days, if you opt-out of the test it will simply be an hour of training. This time frame will give you sufficient time to do your online training as well as give us a deadline to issue you a CPD certificate based on whether the quiz has been completed or not.
There is also now a push to mandate different types of training
IPA➜ The IPA has a totally new requirement from 1 July 2021 and this will require their members to complete 20 hours of Professional & Ethical Standards and another 20 hours of Management and Professional Skills. ➜ Don't worry, we will be offering alternate CPD pathways where you can choose to do 20 hours of the alternate topics along with 20 hours of tax training in a given year so you can gain your 120 hours. (Read about IPA changes here)
CA➜CAANZ now require you to complete 2 hours of ethics as part of your 120 hours over a triennium. We will provide one hour of ethics each year as part of our CPD program. To read more information about the CPD requirement changes from Chartered Accountants website, click here➜ To download Chartered Accountants' PDF/flyers containing the Key Changes To CPD Requirements, CR7 Continuing Professional Development and a FAQ, click here.

Your Payment Options

3 Convenient Payment Options to Meet Your Needs

Our masterclasses are currently sold for $397 each, and tax update webinars are sold for $149 each. When you join the Complete Tax CPD program you not only enjoy quality training without losing billable hours but also enjoy a great cost-saving. One program, 40 hours & one great price.

12 x Monthly Payment Plan

$297/month x 12 Months
(Save $1,869 Per Year)

This payment is a yearly payment plan with 12 payments per year (Total $3,564 per year)
At the end of your 1-year billing cycle, you can decide if you wish to continue with the program.

One Payment (Best Savings)

(Less than $63/hour, save $2,963 p
er year)

This payment is a yearly subscription plan with 1 payment per year (Total $2,497 per year)
At the end of your 1 year billing cycle, you can decide if you wish to continue with the program.

One Month Trial

One Time Payment $397
(Save $149)

If you want to test drive our program to see what it's like to be trained by our Peter Adams, sign up for a 1 month trial and get 4 hours of CPD.

One trial only per person

Firm Package (Buy 3 Get 3 More for FREE)

Register Up To 6 Colleagues

(Less than $31.12/hour per person, Save $25,269‬ Per Year)


$891/month x 12 Months
(Save $22,068 Per Year)

Each registered colleage will receive access to all webinars + recordings + 40 hours of CPD per person
At the end of your 1-year billing cycle, you can decide if you wish to continue with the program.

For more than 3 in the firm

If your firm has more 6 people who require tax training, email us ( to ask for our customised package.

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1x article per week

This service is perfect for you if you have an in-house marketing team who can take our articles and post them to your own platforms. 
You'll receive the article as a text file so you can design and post the content however you please. It's the perfect option to receive blog-related content without having to write any of it.
You'll receive 1x article per week, rotating between the categories of tax, super, and business. 

3 months worth

Your Complete Tax CPD Trainer in 2021

Learn From One Of Australia’s Leading Tax Trainers

• Over 25 years of experience Esteemed trainer at the Institute of Public Accountants® • Senior tax writer with CCH Australia and LexisNexis• Senior tax counsel with both Bell Partners and Kelly + PartnersEducation: B.Juris, M.TaxProfessional associations: CTA, FIPA, FFA

Peter has more than 25 years of experience as a tax professional, having started his career with KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers before moving on to become Head of Tax for BNP-Paribas (Australia and New Zealand) and subsequently Chase Manhattan-Ord Minnett. 

Peter now has his own boutique tax practice and continues to provide tax consulting and training services for professional accountants across Australia.

Peter AdamsSenior Tax Counsel

Getting Your CPD Hours & Staying Up To Date On Tax Changes Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Forget the multiple courses and certificates, the travel and extra expenses. Train just 4 hours a month— online and on your schedule— with The Complete Tax CPD Program. 

What Clients Have Said About Advisers Digest

"In late February 2018, Peter and I discussed one of my clients and a possible Estate Planning Exercise for them. 

I presented a proposal to the client recently and today they have agreed to the proposal. We're going to look at their super as well (Mum and Dad are close to the $1.6m caps) and combined with the Estate Planning exercise, they're just signed off on a $26K + GST contract. 

The past 18 months have been a lot of "head down tail up" in this transition to my new business life. It is only with Peter's input that Tuesday afternoon that it dawned on me what we should be doing for this client. I wanted to thank them sincerely for being in the sounding board that afternoon and raising with me this idea. 

I appreciate it immensely. "

Dean Robinson,

"I could'nt speak more highly of the experience I have had with Peter to date... 

  • Excellent technical support as access to the owner of the business
  • Fantastic turnaround time
  • Managed to get me an SOA for a new set-up including LRBA in anticipation of an Auction within a couple of days
  • Great process of initial SOA's for existing SMSF's and then ROA thereafter
  • Training provided is very practical

I am very happy to recommend this service. "

David Cooke,

Accumen Accountants and Business Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this program be relevant to me as a practising accountant?

Definitely! As practising accountants, we are required to complete a total of 120 hours of CPD per triennium, with at least 20 hours undertaken each year. This equates to 40 hours of CPD per year. Our program provides you with these necessary CPD hours. 

As well as this, the Complete Tax CPD program provides you with high-quality training that helps you stay up to date with changes within the taxation industry as well as specialist training on important special topics.

Q: Are these webinars simply for viewing or will I be able to interact and ask questions?

Webinars will be structured for 1 hour, including Q&As. You can have any questions/queries addressed during this time with our presenter. 

Q: Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, if you attended the very first session and didn't find it useful, please email us on the same day before 5pm.

We will refund you within 3 working days. That means, no CPD certificate will be issued to you. There will be no recording sent to you after the session.

If you didn't show up on the session, and there's NO refund available, recording will be made available to you after the session. 

Q: When will I receive my first training content?

Upon registering, you will be able to decide if you wish to begin training this month or next month. Beginning your training in the same month may mean that some live sessions have passed, but remember we will provide you with digital recordings of the live session. 

The benefit of starting your training next month, means you will be able to attend all sessions live. Schedule them in your calendar and hop into our sessions.

Q: Will there be a replay I can watch later?

Yes, we will send you a recording to all attendees with a personalised login. This will be available within 48-72 hours after the session. All of your recordings will be available for access while you are a paying subscriber.

Q: What if I can't make it live to the webinar sessions?

We will record the session, that means you will be provided with a digital recording of the webinar after the session finishes.

You will still receive your relevant CPD hours and certificate.

Q: Can I interact with the presenter?

Yes, all of our training are conducted online but it doesn't mean it's one way training. In fact, when you show up the live sessions, you can ask questions, we answer all the questions towards the end of each presentation. And we record them so that you can go back to re-watch them. 

Q: Will I receive a certificate to document my CPD training?

Yes, we will issue a certificate providing your CPD after each webinar. You will receive the certificate based on whether you attend a live webinar (attendance certificate) or watch the replay (replay watching certificate). If you cannot attend the live webinar and wish to obtain a formal certificate (applicable for CA & IPA members), you will need to complete a quiz in the training portal within 14 days from the time the recording becomes available.  This will allow us to issue a formal CPD certificate. 

Q: I am looking to register my firm. How many purchases will I need to make and how many CPD certificates will I receive?

One registration entitles 1 person to access all the scheduled training content.  Certificates will be issued to the purchaser. 

If you require training + certificates for 2-3 people, that will require 2-3 purchases. 

For more training + certificates for 3-6, we have a same-firm package available which will save you money!

For firms more than 6, we can customise a specific package for your needs. Simply contact us to discuss this further. 

Q: What's the minimum subscription length for monthly payments?

You can have an easy start by selecting our monthly payment of $297, the minimum length is 12 months as we work on getting you 40 hours of CPD per year. By the end of your first 12 months, you can decide to continue or cancel, just email us We make it easy for you. 

Q: Do you record the Q&A?

Yes, we will send you the entire recording including Q&As. This will be added to your replay training portal. 

Q: The price of the program is very good—why is it so low?

In-person classes come with a lot of overhead costs— venue, room and board for speakers, insurance, printed materials and the like. Our program is 100% online, so we eliminate overhead costs and pass the savings on to you. 

Getting Your CPD Hours & Staying Up To Date On Tax Changes Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Forget the multiple courses and certificates, the travel and extra expenses. Train just 4 hours a month— online and on your schedule— with The Complete Tax CPD Program. 

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