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Specialist Consultations & Advice with Peter Johnson

If you ever come across curly questions from your clients with their tax or super needs but need more in-depth advice to solve your client's situation, I am here to help. 

What Peter Can Help With

Complex Tax Matters


Small Business CGT Concessions

How Does This Work

You can choose one of the following 3 options to conduct your consultation. You can decide whether to have the consultation alone with Peter or to include your client(s) in the conversation.
Once your payment has been made, you will be taken to the calendar page to reserve your time with Peter.

Zoom Call(recording available upon request)

Phone Call

In Person Whiteboard Session (Our Gold Coast office)

What Do You Get

Precise verbal advice and clarity to enable you to guide your clients with the appropriate strategy and help them save on taxes.

About Peter Johnson

Peter JohnsonFounder of Advisers Digest

Industry leader is an apt title for Peter Johnson. A chartered accountant with significant tenure as both practitioner and practice owner; a highly respected instructor; a Tax & SMSF specialist and sought-after Tax & SMSF keynote presenter.
Peter is dually gifted as a technician and presenter.
From this combination of technical knowledge and expertise, Peter has formed Advisers Digest, where he provides high-level technical support and training in all matters of taxation and superannuation.

• Founder of Advisers Digest • SMSF Specialist & Accredited Educator SMSF Association • CPA SMSF Specialist • Chartered Accountant • Chartered Secretary • Chartered Tax Adviser

Personal Interests

  • Interestingly, Peter is a qualified and experienced snake catcher although it has been a long time since he has had to catch a snake
  • He is a keen boater and enjoys fishing
  • He owns a share in a gym and trains regularly
  • He loves red wine too.

Career Highlights

  • Graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon
  • Established and listed his own businesses before the age of 30
  • Has sold multiple businesses
  • Has been voted as Australia’s favourite tax trainer by his colleagues
  • Presidents Award for Service & Leadership from CPA Australia


  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting
  • Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Professional Certificate in Self Managed Superannuation
  • Masters of Taxation
  • Chartered Tax Adviser
  • CPA and Chartered Accountant
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Chartered Secretary
  • Fellow of the Financial Servicces Institute of Australia
  • Specialist Adviser and Authorised Education Provider with the SMSF Association

Other Services Available

Formal Written Advice

Private Binding Ruling Application

Unsure If It’s Right For You/Your Clients

If you're uncertain about whether we can assist you, please send us your inquiry along with a description of your scenario. We are more than happy to review your situation and inform you of how we can help.

What Our Clients Have Said About

Peter Johnson

"In late February 2018, Peter and I discussed one of my clients and a possible Estate Planning Exercise for them. 

I presented a proposal to the client recently and today they have agreed to the proposal. We're going to look at their super as well (Mum and Dad are close to the $1.6m caps) and combined with the Estate Planning exercise, they're just signed off on a $26K + GST contract. 

The past 18 months have been a lot of "head down tail up" in this transition to my new business life. It is only with Peter's input that Tuesday afternoon that it dawned on me what we should be doing for this client. I wanted to thank them sincerely for being in the sounding board that afternoon and raising with me this idea. 

I appreciate it immensely. "

Dean Robinson,

"I couldn't speak more highly of the experience I have had with Peter to date... 

  • Excellent technical support as access to the owner of the business
  • Fantastic turnaround time
  • Managed to get me an SOA for a new set-up including LRBA in anticipation of an Auction within a couple of days
  • Great process of initial SOA's for existing SMSF's and then ROA thereafter
  • Training provided is very practical

I am very happy to recommend this service. "

David Cooke,

Accumen Accountants and Business Advisors


Asked Questions

Q: Who can be in the consultation with Peter?

The consultation is specifically provided to accountants. However, accountants are more than welcome to bring the clients into the consultation if they feel a need to do so.

If the accountant prefers their client to contact Peter directly, we will require an engagement letter before Peter can offer his service. 

Q: How do you charge?

Peter charges a minimum of 1 hour of consultation. Most cases can be resolved with 1 hour of consultation. The first hour normally includes 15 minutes of reading time and 45 minutes of consultation time. 

You are encouraged to send through your case and supporting docs before the consultation. 

Please note, the service is only available to accountants only.

If you are a client of an accountant, please enquire first before booking.

Q: Can I get a refund?

Yes, if the service hasn't been conducted, we can refund you with 3 days of notice via email. 

Please note that the refund will incur a $55 processing fee for every $1,000 as Stripe doesn't refund the fee on your initial transaction. 

Once the service has been provided, there's no refund. 


Q: What if I don't use up the first 1 hour?

If the time is not used up, you can use the remaining time for your follow-up questions via emails or phone calls.

Please note, the service is only available to accountants only.

If you are a client of an accountant, please enquire first before booking. 

Q: What if I need more than an hour?

If you feel you need more than an hour of consultation, you can let us know and pay for the first hour, and we can bill you for the remaining time spent after the consultation. 

Please note, the service is only available to accountants only.

If you are a client of an accountant, please enquire first before booking.

Q: Can Peter give me written advice?

Your consultation does NOT include written advice. If you wish to get Peter to provide you with written advice, please enquire for a quote as this will vary from case to case. 

Q: Can Peter record the consultation?

Yes, you can request Peter to record the consultation for you to watch back.  By default, the call is not recorded. This is only available when you do a Zoom video call with Peter. 

If you prefer an in-person consultation at our office, you can also take photos while he goes through a whiteboard session with you. 

Q: How do I know if Peter can help with my case?

If you are not sure whether Peter can assist with your case, the best option is to enquire and send your enquiry through and we can get back to you. 

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