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Whenever, Wherever You Want.

Be Prepared for your Audit by the ATO

There are strict CPD requirements to be met when
you are an SMSF Auditor.

Don't get caught out.

This training includes...
36 hours of fully compliant SMSF auditor CPD
via 36 one hour training sessions.

Ask yourself this simple question: "What are the exact CPD requirements for an SMSF Auditor?". 95% of Accountants answer, "not sure" or "no idea".

As a member of CA, CPA and IPA you are required to complete 30 hours of specific CPD over a rolling three year period. Those 30 hours MUST include:

1. 8 hours of SMSF training;

2. 8 hours of audit training; and

3. 4 hours of financial statement preparation training

Complete this training whenever, wherever you want
with Advisers Digest

Don't miss out on this special offer.

As an SMSF Auditor and a member of a recognised professional body you have specific CPD requirements..
At Advisers Digest, our SMSF Auditors ongoing CPD gives you an hour of CPD each month.

This means over a three year period you will complete 36 hours of SMSF audit CPD . Well in excess of the requirements.

We will give you nine hours of audit (three per year), four hours of financial statement preparation training (two per year) and 23 hours of SMSF CPD that all focuses on making you a better SMSF auditor.

If you are behind on your hours and want to catch up that is OK, you can pay to do extra hours each month.

And remember you don’t have to leave your office,
You don’t have to train at specific times,

If you are half an hour in and the phone rings you can pause and recommence when times permits.

You will not lose billable hours attending full day sessions where you also have to pay for accommodation.

  • $97
    per month

  • $997
    for a full year

A single day out of the office will cost you nearly double that!

This CPD Training is the best
option for you because...

All training is completed online. You can do it from the comfort of your own home.

There is not a specific time slot. You can complete your CPD at your own pace.

We have catch-up lessons! If you miss a period, don't worry, you can back-date.

Complete your CPD from the comfort of your home.

  • $97
    per month

  • $997
    for a full year.

A single day out of the office will cost you nearly double that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many hours of CPD will I actually receive? 

A: You will receive 12 hours each year over 3 years to cover your specific audit CPD.

As a bonus we will also credit you with a further 10 hours each year from our SMSF Video Vault. The 10 hours for the video vault is only available to subscribers from one of our other courses. 

In total, this will give you 22 hours per year, over 3 years, you will receive 66 hours in the program. 

Q: Do you give a certificate for my CPD?

A: Yes, each month you will receive a certificate for your auditor CPD after you have gone through the training.  Further, at the end of the financial year you will receive one certificate to cover your video vault hours.

Q: Am I able to have a trial period to see what it contains?

A: In terms of a trial period, we offer a full refund within 30 days of joining. So by all means sign up even on the annual plan, watch the training to see if it fits and if it doesn’t we will fully refund your fees.

Q: I'm not convinced... Why should I take this course?

A: Remember our course also covers the audit and financial statement preparation requirements of CPD not just SMSFs (although the majority is SMSF). On top of the 12 hours a year we give you for the auditor training we also give you another 10 hours of generic CPD by way of giving you access to our video vault.

If you are worried about the price you will appreciate getting 22 hours of CPD, without giving up any days out of the office, for as little as $997 per year. This is around $300 per day (ex. GST) of CPD. Most days are double (or more) of that.

Q: For the monthly training videos - how long will these be available after each month before expiring? and can they be viewed twice, or stopped and started at a different time?

You will have access to the videos whilst ever you continue to be a paid up member.

You can view the training at anytime 24/7. It's like watching Netflix, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward as many times as you like. All you need is internet connection. 

Q: How does the monthly subscription work? i.e. what access, how many workshops are available?  Can you opt out at any time?

On the day you join, you will receive the first module immediately. On the monthly anniversary, you will receive a new module.

Each May and each November, the training will be a webinar that is an SMSF update. You can attend webinar or watch the recording in your portal.

There are 30 pre-recorded training modules in the series (plus 6 webinars covering 36 months).

Once you have completed a module you will continue to have access to that module while ever you are member. 

You can cancel at any time and if you give us 7 day notice you will not be billed again. You merely need to email us to to cancel. 

We are not like other online businesses that try to make it impossible to cancel. 

Train and Develop with Advisers Digest.

  • $97
    per month

  • $997
    for a full year

A single day out of the office will cost you nearly double that!