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Small Business Concessions Webinar For Accounting Practices

Live Online Webinar - Presented by Peter Johnson
Small Business Concessions For Accounting Practices
23 February 2022 (1.5 Hours of CPD)

Small business CGT concessions can be a tricky business for accountants, with plenty of misunderstandings coming about.

Eligibility and conditions surrounding CGT events, particularly for accountants and their own firms can raise a lot of questions - particularly when applying for small business concessions doesn't work out the way you hoped for.

Join us for my Small Business Concessions For Accounting Practices Webinar (23 February), and clear up the misunderstandings that surround the area.

We'll be discussing:

  • How can you access the Small Business Concessions?
  • What are the rules to access the concessions?
  • What are the conditions for accessing the Small Business Concessions?
  • What are the concessions that are available?
  • Case studies of actual accounting firms
  • And much, much more...

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Live Online Webinar - Presented By Allyson Pannier
Company Tax Rates & Franking Accounts

24 February 2022 (1 hour of CPD)

What is your client's company's tax rate? What is the franking rate for companies? These used to be simple questions to answer for accountants

With the introduction of the lower company tax rate and the concept of a Base Rate Entity for tax purposes, things have gotten a lot more complicated.

Join Allyson Pannier in February for the first webinar in our Tax Fundamental Package, Company Tax Rates & Franking Accounts. Learn & understand how to navigate the Base Rate Entity rules for tax and franking, and understand their application to common client scenarios.

📅 12PM, Thursday, 24 February 2022 (AEDT)

This training is suited to early career professionals looking to learn about corporate tax rates and franking, professionals at any level who want to better understand dual corporate tax rates, franking rates & implications for clients OR anyone who deals with business/corporate clients.

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