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In a recent letter, the ATO wrote to SMSF auditors, saying that they've recently written to all SMSF trustees where their records show that their SMSF may hold 90% or more of its investments in one asset, or a single asset class. So a single asset class, for example, would mean Australian equities.

But they're saying if you hold all your investments in one asset class, you may be at risk of poor diversification, which might end up giving you less retirement money and possible non-compliance with reg 4.09.

Help your clients ensure that their investment strategies will pass scrutiny from the ATO.

Only one payment of $198.00 per super fund

Investment Strategy With Diversification

Fully compliant investment strategy that demonstrates that the trustees have considered the risks of inadequate diversification

Exclusive for Practising Accountants & Financial Advisors 

Investment Strategy With Diversification

Who is this for?

If your clients have received a letter from the ATO, then they are holding all their investments in one asset class and may be at risk of poor diversification.

Clients That Received The Letter From The ATO

Turn Around

Approximately 1 week

Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a customisable PDF. Complete this form as much as possible before sending it to your clients.  
When they have completed the form as much as possible, email it to us at 

Your investment strategy will be sent back in approximately 1 week.

How much?

This is one payment per super fund. Upon purchase, you will receive a customisable PDF that you can forward through to your clients. 

Only AUD $198

How Does This Benefit You?

For $198 Peter will prepare a customised Investment Strategy that will not only show that you clients have considered diversification but also everything else that is required under Regulation 4.09.

If you have clients who have received this letter, this will save you time!

Only one payment of $198.00

How Does This Work?

Place your order online.

(You need to be either a practising accountant or a financial advisor.

We don't work directly with super fund trustees)

Email us the completed form at

Your investment strategy will be provided to you in approximately 1 week.

Please note that there is no advice given in this process other than to advice that the strategy as provided in the order form will comply.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email to your inbox. 

- If you do not receive on within 10-20 minutes, please email us at

In the email, you will find your customisable PDF. We will require you complete the form as much as possible before forwarding this to your client.

- Founder of Advisers Digest 

- SMSF Specialist Advisor and Authorised Education Provider (SPAA)
- CPA SMSF Specialist

- Chartered Accountant (CA)

- Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)

- Certified Financial Planner (CPF) 

Industry leader is an apt title for Peter Johnson. A chartered accountant with significant tenure as both practitioner and practice owner; a highly respected instructor for CPA Australia; an SMSF specialist and sought-after SMSF keynote presenter. Peter is dually gifted as a technician and network facilitator.

From this combination of technical knowledge and expertise, Peter has formed Advisers Digest, where he provides high-level technical support on tap, advanced and introductory training, and more recently SMSF auditor CPD training.

Purchase our Advisers Digest Investment Strategy and help your clients solve their headaches from the ATO's diversification letter.

About Peter Johnson

Get Your Investment Strategy With Diversification Considered

Only one payment of $198.00 per super fund

What Peter's Clients Have Said

"I could'nt speak more highly of the experience I have had with Peter to date... 

  • Excellent technical support as access to the owner of the business
  • Fantastic turnaround time
  • Managed to get me an SOA for a new set-up including LRBA in anticipation of an Auction within a couple of days
  • Great process of initial SOA's for existing SMSF's and then ROA thereafter
  • Training provided is very practical

I am very happy to recommend this service. "

David Cooke,

Accumen Accountants and Business Advisors

"In late February 2018, Peter and I discussed one of my clients and a possible Estate Planning Exercise for them. 

I presented a proposal to the client recently and today they have agreed to the proposal. We're going to look at their super as well (Mum and Dad are close to the $1.6m caps) and combined with the Estate Planning exercise, they're just signed off on a $26K + GST contract. 

The past 18 months have been a lot of "head down tail up" in this transition to my new business life. It is only with Peter's input that Tuesday afternoon that it dawned on me what we should be doing for this client. I wanted to thank them sincerely for being in the sounding board that afternoon and raising with me this idea. 

I appreciate it immensely. "

Dean Robinson,

"Thanks so much Peter. I have passed your details onto a couple of accountants I do audits for in the hope they will go through this process with you for some of their funds. It's definitely worthwhile to get the tailored document and ensure we are all meeting Reg 4.09 requirements."

SMSF Auditor – Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

Provided you as an accountant do not advise the client what asset mix they should choose, or whether or not to hold life insurance through their fund, then this will not be the provision of financial advice. 

There is an approximate time of 1 week turnaround in receiving investment strategy. 

To avoid further time delays, please ensure that your client fills out the form as much as they can. 

Q: Is writing an investment strategy considered financial advice?

Q: What is the turnaround time of receiving investment strategy?

Q: What if i didn't receive a letter from the ATO?

The letter would have only been sent to Self-Managed Super Funds and their auditors whom the ATO believes that their SMSF may hold 90% or more of it's investments in one asset, or a single asset class.

Q: What's your refund policy?

Your purchase is the final sale so there's no refund. 

Once your order is placed, you will be able to download the questionnaire immediately. 

All you need to do is completing the form as much as you can, then passing the form to your client to complete the rest.  Return the completed form to us so that we can get this investment strategy done with diversification considered. 

Q: Can I re-produce your investment strategy and sell to my clients?

Please note all materials are copyright 2019 Advisers Digest Pty Ltd all rights reserved. You may not be reproduce any of our materials without the express permission of the copyright holder.

If you wish to purchase a license to use the materials on an ongoing basis please contact us.

Q: Can I re-share the form with my clients or add my brand to the quesionnaire?

If you wish to re-share and sell the service to your clients, you will need to purchase a license to use the materials on an ongoing basis, please contact us.

We can also add your logo and name and A.C.N. on the form if you wish to acquire the copyright.

Q: Do you work with super fund trustee directly?

The answer is no as we only work directly with practising accountants or financial advisors. 

If you are a super fund trustee, please speak to your accountant or financial adviser directly. 

Q: Can I purchase the investment strategy via bank transfer?

As we aim to keep our price low, all transactions must be done online. We don't process manual invoices so that it saves time and helps us keep all orders in one system.

Get Your Investment Strategy With Diversification Considered

Only one payment of $198.00 per super fund

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