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Live Online Webinar - Presented by Peter Johnson
CGT Considerations when Structuring an Accounting Practice
16 December 2022 (1 Hour of CPD)

We have prepared a short one hour presentation where we run through the concessions and then go through a number of case studies that have certainly dissatisfied the accountants who expected to have access to the concessions.

Webinar Date:

12PM Friday, 16 December 2022 (AEDT)

So what do we cover?

First, we will go through a recap of how you can access the Small Business Concessions.

We will then run through what the four concessions are and finally we will workshop five REAL LIFE case studies so that you can see how these situations play out in real life.

One hour of a really good recap of the Small Business Concessions to make you think out of the box.

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Live Online Webinar - Presented By Peter Johnson
Introduction to Estate Planning for Accountants

20 December 2022 (1 hour of CPD)

Whether you are a financial planner or an accountant you need knowledge and skills in this area.

In this one hour webinar we will run through the main areas that accountants need to be able to advice their clients in with regards to Estate Planning.

Webinar Date:

12PM Tuesday, 20 December 2022 (AEDT)

So what do we cover?

What is Estate Planning

Who does what?

What is in your estate?

Who now controls your assets?

Wills & Intestacy

Disclaiming an Inheritance

Attorneys & Guardians

Family Law

Case Studies

And much more...

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