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Online SMSF Masterclass - Presented By Peter Johnson

Pensions & Pension Strategies

6th & 14th September 2022 (3 CPD Hours)

Pensions inside super have become a lot more complicated since 2017. It used to be very simple. All your money was in a pension but now can't all be in a pension. There are transfer balance accounts, T-bar reporting, etc. 

We will cover all the rules around pensions, when you have to report, what the impacts are on your transfer balance account, etc. Eg, what is the impact on a child's transfer balance account when a parent leaves them a death benefit pension?

Session Dates (AEST/90-minute sessions)

Session 1: Tuesday, 11am, 6 September 2022

Session 2: Wednesday, 11am, 14 September 2022

Join our live masterclass to get a thorough understanding of all the details around pensions. Specifically, we will be covering:

  • Increase of the Transfer Balance Cap to $1.7million & how this affects your clients, especially those currently in Pension Phase.
  • All the different types of pensions
  • When a pension starts and ceases
  • What to do if you fail to meet the minimum pension payment
  • Taxation of pension accounts after death
  • Transfer Balance Accounts and TBar reporting
  • Children’s pensions – taxation, Transfer balance issues, reporting
  • Pension Strategies
  • And much more....

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Live Training - Presented by Industry Experts

CPD In Paradise 2022

29th & 30th September (14 Hours of CPD)

A working holiday that combines CPD training, the warm tropics, and expert-lead presentations on an array of topics. Sounds pretty good, right? 

CPD development and training may not always correlate with relaxation and enjoyment, but our CPD In Paradise this year will prove it's possible for them to be linked. 

Combining high-quality CPD training with a holiday destination, learn from industry experts amidst the warm tropical location and update your technical knowledge on a range of topics relevant to practising accountants.

Mark the dates in your calendar

📅 Thursday 29th & Friday 30th September 2022 

Make a working holiday out of it - our family-friendly timeframe (during school holidays + before the long weekend) means that you can bring the family along to enjoy the multitude of activities available for you to see and do.

Join our director - Peter Johnson, Jo-anne Hotston and other industry expert presenters in the warm tropical north of Cairns at Shangri-La Hotel. We’ll be discussing topics from superannuation, taxation, practice management and more. Don’t miss out on our acclaimed annual event, book your seat now (spots limited).

You’ll also get 14 hours of CPD in total (7 hours/day). 

PLUS, we have an optional Sunset Cruise that you can enjoy along with the family. Take the chance to mingle with delegates, enjoy the ocean views and step away from the harsh reality of life….