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Our Accountants Video Vault technical videos are created for accountants to assist their clients with matters relating to tax.

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Accountants Video Vault #41

(Free to watch until 25 February 2024)

In this video:

[Pooling For Assets With Widely Varying Private Use]

Airbnb, the Uber of houses…

Your private percentage use will vary due to many factors like the season, date, location & special events - so how exactly should you go about estimating it? To pool or not to pool, that is the question.

Let’s talk about it.

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Upcoming Training

Online Masterclass - Presented by Peter Johnson
Superannuation Death Benefits Masterclass
8th & 15th February 2024 (3 Hours of CPD)

Advising on superannuation death benefits is about two things. Making sure the death benefit goes where the client wants it to go and then with the minimum of taxes.

In this masterclass Peter will talk about the legal side of death benefits and then move on to taxation and strategies. It is not just for SMSF advisers but for anyone who is accumulating wealth in superannuation and intends to leave an estate to their children.

Webinar Dates:

12:30 PM Thursday, 15 February 2024 (AEDT)

12:30 PM Wednesday, 28 February 2024 (AEDT)

In this three hour masterclass we will look at:

  • The legal side of death benefits (who to, when and how must they be paid)
  • Death Benefit Nominations
  • Life Insurances
  • Taxation of Death Benefits
  • The impact of Death on Transfer Balance Accounts (including death benefit pensions)
  • Relevant Court Cases
    Strategies and Case Studies
  • And more...

Find out more information about this masterclass by clicking on the button below.

Online Webinar - Presented by Allyson Pannier

Tax Research & Writing Advice

21 February 2024 (1 Hour of CPD)

 This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to navigate diverse research sources effectively, understand their applications, and comprehend the protective measures they offer both you and your clients.

This webinar is tailored for early and mid-career professionals, as well as any practitioners seeking to enhance their research and communication skills.  

Webinar Date:

12PM, Wednesday, 21 February 2024 (AEDT)

In this webinar Allyson Pannier will cover:

  • Legislation
  • Tax rulings
  • Tax determinations
  • Case law
  • Taxpayer alerts
  • Law companion rulings
  • Practice statements
  • And other ATO documents. 

Find out more information about this webinar by clicking on the button below.

Live Online Webinar - Presented By Peter Adams
Tax Update Webinar
29 February 2024 (1 hour of CPD)

Our Monthly Tax Update Webinars are designed to ensure that accountants are able to remain up-to-date on changes within the taxation industry.

So why not join Senior Tax Counsel Peter Adams this month for our Tax Update Webinar and learn more about the latest decisions made by the ATO?

Tax Update with senior tax counsel - Peter Adams (1 hour of CPD)
📅 1 PM, Thursday, 29 February 2024 (AEDT)

This webinar is 100% online and will help you remain on top of all the major legislative and taxation changes each month.

Find out more by clicking on the button below...

live training events in 2024

Live Training - Presented by Industry Experts
Tax Training on the Gold Coast 
February to November 2024 (Up to 30 Hours of CPD)

Bringing technical tax training right to your doorstep, Adviser's Digest are introducing a series of brand-new technical 3-hour masterclasses, conveniently hosted in our recently established office on the vibrant Gold Coast.

Whether you're seeking a productive escape from the usual grind or simply looking for a valid reason to step out on Friday afternoons, our Tax Training On The Gold Coast is tailored just for you.

Delving into a diverse range of topics specifically curated for practising accountants in 2024, these masterclasses promise to be both informative and engaging. 

Tax Training On The Gold Coast
10 x 3-hour Masterclasses over 10 Months

Held at our Southport, Gold Coast office 
(30 Hours of CPD)

February's Main Residence Topic will cover:

  • Eligibility for the Main Residence Exemption
  • Moving to a new main residence
  • Living separately
  • Using your main residence to produce income
  • Building on vacant land
  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Granny Flat Arrangements
  • Home on more than 2 hectares
  • And much more...

Main Residence Event Time/Date:

2-5 PM, Friday, 23 February 2024

Want to find out more? Click the button below...

Gold Coast Live Training - Presented by Peter Johnson
Tax Training Days Gold Coast 
April, July & October 2024 (Up to 21 Hours of CPD)

Tax Training Day is one of our signature events designed to enhance accountants' professional acumen, offering them the latest insights from industry leaders. And in 2024 we're bringing it to the Gold Coast!

Gold Coast Dates: (9am - 5.00pm)

Friday 19th April 2024

Friday 19th July 2024

Friday 25th October 2024

All held at Advisers Digest's Southport Office (Gold Coast)

April Topics with Peter Johnson:

  • Tax Planning (1 hour)
  • Main Residence Exemption (3 hours)
  • Quarterly Tax Update (3 hours)

What sets this event apart is our commitment to maintaining an intimate, interactive, and engaging atmosphere. This ensures participants gain valuable knowledge while thoroughly enjoying the training. You will want to come back again each time. 

Sydney Live Training - Presented by Industry Experts
Tax Training Day, Sydney CBD
April, July & November 2024 (Up to 21 Hours of CPD)

Tax Training Day is one of our signature events that help accountants sharpen their professional skills and learn the most up to date knowledge from the leaders in the industry.  

Sydney Dates: (9am - 5.30pm)

Friday 5th April 2024

Friday 26th July 2024

Friday 1st November 2024

All held at Mercure Sydney (Next to Central Station)

April Topics:

  • Residency by Peter Johnson (1 hour)
  • Tax Planning by Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours)
  • Quarterly Tax Update (3 hours)

Our presenters are industry thought leaders, they not only possess experienced technical knowledge but be able to deliver engaging presentations that make your tax training day interesting and interactive. You will want to come back again each time. 

Live Training - Presented By Industry Experts
CPD In Paradise 2024 - Super Early Bird Special
4 & 5 July 2024 (14 hours of CPD)

Want to escape the chill of winter next year? Why not combine a tropical getaway with CPD training, expert-led presentations and a family trip?

Join industry experts and like-minded peers for live CPD training like no other. In 2024, our most popular live training event (CPD In Paradise) is bringing CPD to Cairns  - are you thinking about coming along?

Novotel Cairns
 Thursday 4th & Friday 5th September 2024
14 Hours of CPD

Our event is almost fully booked. Don't miss out on our early bird special price at $999.

Not only do you have the opportunity to mingle, network and enjoy the company of other like-minded accountants during our 2-day event, we also have a few extras to enjoy including our 2 hour welcome drinks + animal encounter* and 3-course dinner.

You’ll also get 14 hours of CPD in total (7 hours/day).

*Welcome drink tickets are available for purchase separately at $110 per person.

Don’t miss out on our acclaimed annual event, book your seat now.

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40+ Hour online CPD Training Program

Online Training - Presented By Industry Experts
Complete Tax CPD Program
February to November 2024 (40+ hours of CPD)

Enjoy the ease of fulfilling your yearly CPD requirements with our Complete Tax CPD Program.

Trained by Senior Tax Counsel Peter Adams, Leading Tax Trainer Jo-anne Hotston, Business Valuations Expert Brett Goodyer, and Peter Johnson; get 40+ hours of CPD, interesting topics and special inclusions.

What does this program include?
→10 Special Topic masterclasses (3 hours each month), 30 hours per year.
→10 Monthly Tax Update webinars (1 hour each month), 10 hours per year.

It’s an effortless way to do your CPD from home/office, get your questions answered, and learn from a top tax trainer.

Topics for 2024:
✅Superannuation Death Benefits (February 2024)
✅Income Tax, FBT, and GST Implications of Entertainment (March 2024)
✅Year-End Tax Planning (April 2024)
✅Main Residence Exemption (May 2024)
✅Individual Income Tax Returns - Disclosure & Compliance (June 2024)
✅Succession Planning (July 2024)
✅Documenting Common Transactions (August 2024)
✅Valuing Businesses, Companies & Assets (September 2024)
✅GST From Commencement To The Closing Of An Enterprise (October 2024)
✅Tax Administration & Compliance - ATO Reviews and Audits (November 2024)

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