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Our Accountants Video Vault technical videos are created for accountants to assist their clients with matters relating to tax.

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Accountants Video Vault #36

(Free to watch until 24 September 2023)

Selling An Active Asset After You Are 55 And Winding Down At Work

Time: 1:52

Let's talk about what a Wholly Owned LLC in America is and what is Considered an Associate Under The Corps Act.

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Tax Return Guides 2023

Available Now - Tax Return Guides
PDF Or Print Versions (1700+ Pages)

No two client's needs will likely ever be the same, nor will they likely have the exact same tax obligations.

That's why we need to take care and keep our knowledge up to date when filing our client's returns; what works for one might not be applicable to another.

But as a practising accountant, isn't it especially handy when there are detailed instructions that you can follow on how to complete the work you need to do?

Lucky for you, our 2023 Tax Return Guides are now available!

With over 1700+ pages of content to peruse in total over the 6 guides, ensure you're prepared for the 2023 tax return season with these user-friendly tools for practicing accountants. 

Tax Return Guides (PDF Or Printed Bundles)

  • Individual Income Tax Return Guide 2023 (448 pages)
  • Trust Tax Return Guide 2023 (282 pages) 
  • Superannuation Fund Annual Return Instructions (221 pages)
  • Partnership Tax Return Guide 2023 (196 pages)
  • Company Tax Return Guide 2023 (318 pages)
  • Capital Gains Tax Manual 2023 (327 pages)
  • BONUS! Small Business Concessions Manual 2022 (143 Pages)

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Upcoming Training 

Online Webinar - Presented by Allyson Pannier
Partnership Tax Returns – Getting it Right Webinar
Friday 25 August 2023 (1 Hour of CPD)

This webinar will look at best practice in completing partnership tax returns and disclosures. It will assist accountants and practitioners to complete returns efficiently and correctly.

Webinar Date:

12:00pm Friday, 25 August 2023 (AEST)

Topics Include:

  • Changes to the partnership status – how do you deal with these in the tax return
  • Superannuation deductions – Where should these get reported?
  • Capital gains – How do these get reported?
  • Certain tax deductions including blackhole expenses – where should these be disclosed?
  • Distributions – There are various ways to enter these. Is there a best way? Are there any risks?
  • Distributions that differ to the partnership agreement

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Online Webinars - Presented by Peter Adams
Monthly Tax Update Webinar
February to November 2023 (1 Hour of CPD)

With a dynamic and ever-changing field, accountants need to be sure that their knowledge is up to date and ready to act.

On a regular basis, the ATO introduces new changes to the taxation industry in the form of rulings, legislation and court cases that can affect how you deal with issues for your clients.

Don't miss out on critical updates by joining us for our Monthly Tax Update Webinars. Every month, Senior Tax Counsel Peter Adams presents a 1-hour 100% live session via an online webinar.

Next Tax Update Webinar:

1:00PM Thursday, 31 August 2023 (AEST)

We'll be covering the key legislative changes that may have been introduced within the tax industry from February through to November, to ensure that your technical knowledge is current with this online webinar.

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Online Masterclass - Presented By Peter Johnson
Estate Planning for Accountants
7th & 14th September (3 hours of CPD)

Estate Planning is a wide ranging topic that is used by Lawyers, Financial Planners and Accountants. Many clients need estate planning and especially those with business structures as many of their assets will not be dealt with under their will.

The accountant is best placed to coordinate the Estate Planning process for their business clients because it is often only the accountant who knows what assets are held in what entity.

So come along to our Estate Planning for Accountants Masterclass presented by Peter Johnson and enhance your understanding of what this process entails.

Webinar Dates:

Session 1: 12:30 PM, Thursday, 7 September 2023 (AEST)
Session 2 - 12:30 PM, Tuesday, 12 September 2023 (AEST)

Specifically, we will be covering:

  • What is Estate Planning
  • The Estate Planning Process
  • What assets are in and not in your Estate
  • Who controls what after you die
  • Wills
  • Dying intestate
  • Asset ownership structures
  • Insurances
  • Attorneys & Guardianships
  • Business Succession
  • Taxation upon death

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Upcoming Live Events

Live Training - Presented by Peter Johnson
Small Business Concessions Workshop 2023
24 August, 14 September & 10 November 2023 (7 Hours of CPD)

The Small Business CGT concessions are complicated, there is no doubt about that. Each situation is different and it requires a detailed review whilst tracking through the legislation. Many of us get them wrong and that has as much to do with the complications in the legislation as anything else. Plus they keep changing. We constantly need to train on the Small Business CGT Concessions.

And that is exactly why Advisers Digest has developed out full-day Small Business CGT Concessions workshop. Please note we are calling it a workshop and not a seminar. We will be doing a lot of interactive work incl. case studies on the day as part of this detailed training day.

Dates & Locations: (9am - 5.30pm)


Thursday, 24 August 2023, QT, Perth

Thursday, 14 September 2023, Hilton Hotel, Adelaide


Friday, 10 November 2023, Mercure Sydney, Sydney CBD

Not only will you gain a detailed understanding of how to apply the concessions it will also assist you when structuring new clients or restructuring existing clients. 

You'll receive 7 hours of top quality CPD. Potentially the most important subject for small business accountants to know within the entire tax framework.

Live Training - Presented by Peter Johnson
Estate Planning Workshop 2023

25 August, 15 September 2023 (7 Hours of CPD)

You can grow your accounting practice in three ways: Increase your fees, bring in new clients or Increase your product offering to existing clients. Estate Planning is a skill set that allows accountants to add another service to their existing offering. But do you already have the skill set?

Our Estate Planning workshop is the perfect start to your estate planning offering. Come and learn what an accountant needs to know in order to add estate planning to their services.

Dates & Locations: (9am - 5.30pm)


Friday, 25 August 2023, QT, Perth


Friday, 15 September 2023, Hilton Hotel, Adelaide

What we will cover:

  • Introduction to Estate Planning - The what, why and how
  • Wills & Intestacy
  • Powers of Attorney and Guardianships
  • Family Law, Insolvency & Philanthropy
  • Superannuation planning
  • Taxation Planning
  • Succession Planning & Strategies
  • Life Insurance considerations
  • Managing a Deceased Estate
  • Numerous Cases Studies (bring your own as well)

Find out more information about this workshop by clicking on the button below.

Live Training - Presented by Peter Adams
Company & Trust Tax Return Preparation Day 2023
25 September 2023 (7 Hours of CPD)

Company tax returns & trust tax returns have strict compliance guidelines, so it is imperative that your knowledge is up to date and prepared to serve.

Join Senior Tax Counsel Peter Adams for our live, full-day workshop, Company/Trusts Tax Return Preparation Day.

This full-day, practical seminar will give you a comprehensive understanding of the company and trust taxation frameworks and the 2023 company and trust return disclosure requirements, including legislative changes and recent developments to be aware of and, will tease out some key tips and strategies relevant to the same.

Date & Location: (9am - 5.30pm)

Monday 25 September 2023, Rydges World Square Sydney.

Plus, you'll receive 7 CPD hours from this interactive live training event, presented by an industry expert.

Joining this event will also net you a copy of our Company Tax Return Instructions 2023 & Trusts Tax Return Instructions 2023 (when they become available). 

Find out more information about this workshop by clicking on the button below.

Live Training - Presented by Industry Experts
Tax Training Day
October 2023 (7 Hours of CPD)

Tax Training Day is one of our signature events that help accountants sharpen their professional skills and learn the most up to date knowledge from the leaders in the industry.

Melbourne Dates: (9am - 5.30pm)
Friday 27th October 2023

Held at Batman’s Hill on Collins, Melbourne

Sydney Dates: (9am - 5.30pm)
Wednesday 25th October 2023

Held at Rydges World Square, Sydney 2000

October Topics:

  • Superannuation & Divorce by Peter Johnson (1 hour)
  • Trust Intensive by Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours) (Melbourne)
  • Compensation Payments & Insurance Recoveries by Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours) (Sydney)
  • Quarterly Tax Update (3 hours) - Peter Johnson (Melbourne) / Jo-anne Hotston(Sydney)

Our presenters are industry thought leaders, they not only possess experienced technical knowledge but be able to deliver engaging presentations that make your tax training day interesting and interactive. You will want to come back again each time.

Become a Smarter Accountant &

Get Your Yearly Training Sorted In One Place

Live Online Webinars - Presented By Peter Adams, Jo-anne Hotston & Peter Johnson
Complete Tax CPD
February To November (40+ Hours Of CPD/Year)

CPD shouldn't be just about fulfilling an "hours" requirement. It should be making you a smarter accountant.

Through our 40-hour Complete Tax CPD Program (10 tax masterclasses and 10 tax update webinars from February to November), you get:

✅ Access During Informative Masterclasses To Expert Industry Presenters
✅ Topical subjects relatable to your client's needs (as voted by accountants in the program)
✅ Ethics & Practice Management Training (free training to meet your IPA and CA CPD requirements)
✅ Free Access to our Accountants Video Vault (70+ tax technical videos at your fingertips) (valued at $444)

Whether you're an IPA, CAANZ, or CPA member, our yearly package provides you with access to 40+ hours of topical tax training by industry expert presenters (including senior tax counsel Peter Adams, leading tax trainer Joanne Hotston & myself in 2023)

If your 2023 training wishlist includes coverage on Division 7A, FBT, estate planning, small business CGT concessions, year-end tax planning, and more, why not check out our Complete Tax CPD Program?

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