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Accountants Video Vault #34

(Free to watch until 2nd July 2023)

[Lost Trust Deed]

This week's video is about what to do when a client can’t find their discretionary trust deed.

Let’s talk about it.

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Training Coming Up Soon

Live Online Masterclass - Presented By Peter Johnson
Pensions & Pension Strategies
20 & 27 June 2023 (3 hours of CPD)

Pensions inside super have become a lot more complicated since 2017. It used to be very simple. All your money was in a pension but now can't all be in a pension. There are transfer balance accounts, T-bar reporting, etc.

This why you should come along to our Pensions & Pension Strategies Masterclass presented by our founder Peter Johnson where you can gain a comprehensive understanding on pensions.

Book in this date:
πŸ“… 11:00 AM, Tuesday, 20th June 2023 (AEST)

πŸ“… 11:00 AM, Tuesday, 27th June 2023 (AEST)

This masterclass series will focus on the rules around pensions, when you have to report, what the impacts are on your transfer balance account, etc. Eg, what is the impact on a child's transfer balance account when a parent leaves them a death benefit pension? And more...

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Live Online Webinar - Presented By Peter Adams
Tax Update
29th June 2023 (1 hour of CPD)

Our Monthly Tax Update Webinars are designed to ensure that accountants are able to remain up-to-date on changes within the taxation industry.

So why not join Senior Tax Counsel Peter Adams this month for our Tax Update Webinar and learn more about the latest decisions made by the ATO?

Tax Update with Peter Adams (1 hour CPD)
πŸ“… 1:00 PM, Thursday, 29th June 2023 (AEST)

This webinar is 100% online and will help you remain on top of all the major legislative and taxation changes each month.

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Live Online Webinar - Presented By Allyson Pannier
Tax Planning 2023
21 July 2023 (1 hour of CPD)

Every client has their own needs and wants unique from one another. And for accountants who advise clients on structures, there are several considerations they must take into account when determining which are most suitable.

Book in this date:
πŸ“… 12:00 PM, Friday, 21st July 2023 (AEST)

The webinar will look at when the structures are useful and why you might choose to use them in certain situations. It will help attendees understand how to advise clients on structuring and which structures might help their client achieve their goals.

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Live Online Masterclass - Presented By Jo-anne Hotston
Deceased Estates
12 & 19 July 2023 (3 hours of CPD)

Everyone will eventually pass away. Most of them will leave assets. Most individuals dealing with a deceased estate will have little or no experience doing it.

Primarily they will seek advice from a solicitor but in many instances they also need the input of an accountant. Most of us will rarely deal with deceased estates but we could all expect to have them as clients occasionally.

Book in this date:
πŸ“… 12:30 PM, Wednesday, 12th July 2023 (AEST)

πŸ“… 12:30 PM, Wednesday, 19th July 2023 (AEST)

This masterclass will examine the taxation of deceased estates, including recent legislative changes, rulings and court judgements.

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Coming Up In 2023 (Live Events)

Live Training Event - Presented By Peter Johnson
Small Business Concessions Workshops 2023
(Sydney, Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane)
22 June, 10 August & 24 August (7 Hours of CPD Per Event)

Increasing your understanding of the small business CGT concessions is a tool that can only benefit you and your clients. 

Increasing your knowledge should lead to better application of the small business concessions (and help to avoid costly mistakes for client and personal matters alike).

Join Us (9am to 5.30pm)

πŸ“… Thursday, 22 June 2023 (Brisbane - Rydges Hotel, Fortitude Valley)

πŸ“… Thursday, 10 August 2023 (Adelaide - Hilton Adelaide)

πŸ“… Thursday, 24 August 2023 (Perth - QT Perth)

Get hands-on with me (Peter Johnson) as we work through small business entity concessions, technical case studies, practical applications to real businesses and more in these extensive training days.

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Live Training Event - Presented By Peter Johnson
Estate Planning Workshops 2023
(Sydney, Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane)
23 June, 11 August & 25 August  (7 hours of CPD Per Event)

Estate planning sounds like it belongs in the legal domain. However, accountants like you and financial planners are in the best position to assist clients with their estate planning needs (if you have that skill set and ability).

Having estate planning as a skill set also allows accountants to add another service to their existing offerings - one that can grow their accounting firm.

So make sure to join us at our Estate Planning Workshops in 2023, held in various cities in Australia.

Join Us (9am to 5.30pm)

πŸ“… Friday, 23 June 2023 (Brisbane - Rydges Hotel, Fortitude Valley)
πŸ“… Friday, 11 August 2023 (Adelaide - Hilton Adelaide)
πŸ“… Friday, 25 August 2023 (Perth - QT Perth)

Our workshop is the perfect start to your estate planning offerings; through it, you can learn what an accountant needs to know to add estate planning to their services.

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Live Training Event - Presented By Jo-Anne Hotston & Peter Johnson
Tax Training Days 2023 (Melbourne or Sydney)
(Up To 14 Hours of CPD)

For over five years, our Tax Training Day have been a smash hit with Sydney accountants, bringing fun into technical tax training for our attendees. Plus, in 2023, we're also bringing Tax Training Day to Melbourne for the first time ever!

With relevant special topics, industry expert presenters (leading tax trainer Jo-anne Hotston & myself) and great company for you to enjoy, why not join us?

Join Us (From 9am to 5.30pm)

 πŸ“ Melbourne - Batman's Hill On Collins

πŸ“… Friday, 7 July 2023

    βœ… The Latest On Superannuation Death Benefits, with Peter Johnson (1 hour of CPD)

    βœ… Income Splitting & PSI, with Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours of CPD)

    βœ… A quarterly tax update, with Jo-anne Hotson (3 hours of CPD)

πŸ“…  Friday, 27 October 2023

     βœ… Superannuation & Divorce, with Peter Johnson (1 hour of CPD)

     βœ… Trust intensive, with Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours of CPD)

     βœ… A quarterly tax update, with Jo-anne Hotson (3 hours of CPD)

πŸ“ Sydney - Rydges Hotel, World Square

πŸ“… Friday, 14 July 2023

     βœ… The Latest On Superannuation Death Benefits, with Peter Johnson (1 hour of CPD)

     βœ… Winding Up Entities (Incl. Trusts), with Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours of CPD)

     βœ… A quarterly tax update, with Jo-anne Hotson (3 hours of CPD)

πŸ“… Wednesday, 25 October 2023

     βœ… Superannuation and Divorce, with Peter Johnson (1 hour of CPD)

     βœ… Compensation & Insurance Recoveries, with Jo-anne Hotston (3 hours of CPD)

     βœ… A quarterly tax update, with Jo-anne Hotson (3 hours of CPD)

You'll also receive 14 CPD hours from our popular Tax Training Day if you purchase the 2 events or 7 hours for one event. 

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Online Training Opportunities

Live Online Webinars - Presented By Peter Adams, Jo-anne Hotston & Peter Johnson
Complete Tax CPD
February To November (40+ Hours Of CPD/Year)

CPD shouldn't be just about fulfilling an "hours" requirement. It should be making you a smarter accountant.

Through our 40-hour Complete Tax CPD Program (10 tax masterclasses and 10 tax update webinars from February to November), you get:

βœ… Access During Informative Masterclasses To Expert Industry Presenters
βœ… Topical subjects relatable to your client's needs (as voted by accountants in the program)
βœ… Ethics & Practice Management Training (free training to meet your IPA and CA CPD requirements)
βœ… Free Access to our Accountants Video Vault (70+ tax technical videos at your fingertips) (valued at $444)
βœ… Free Holiday Bonus* for yearly subscribers to the program. (valued at $800+) - limited time only

🚨 Special June Bonuses 🚨
If you sign up for our Complete Tax CPD Program before 30 June 2023*, you will receive our special webinar bundle for FREE (applicable to new members only). You'll get:

🎁 Understanding & Advising On Client Structures Webinar Bundle (2 Hours CPD)

PLUS the first 20 people* to sign up for our yearly subscription in June will receive a complimentary voucher to book your next free holiday (accommodation).

⏰ Be quick! Less than 7 vouchers left!

Whether you're an IPA, CAANZ, or CPA member, our yearly package provides you with access to 40+ hours of topical tax training by industry expert presenters (including senior tax counsel Peter Adams, leading tax trainer Joanne Hotston & myself in 2023)

If your 2023 training wishlist includes coverage on Division 7A, FBT, estate planning, small business CGT concessions, year-end tax planning, and more, why not check out our Complete Tax CPD Program?

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