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Live Online Masterclass - Presented By Peter Johnson
Pensions & Pension Strategies
6th & 14th September 2022 (3 hours of CPD)

Pensions inside super have become a lot more complicated since 2017. It used to be very simple. All your money could be put into a pension, however, this is not the case anymore. There are transfer balance accounts, T-bar reporting, and more.

Clear out the calendar for these dates:

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 14th September 2022

Join our live masterclass to get a thorough understanding of all the details around pensions.

Specifically, we will be covering:

  • Imposed increase of the Transfer Balance Cap to $1.7million & how this will affect your clients, especially those currently in Pension Phase.
  • All the different types of pensions
  • When a pension starts and ceases
  • What to do if you fail to meet the minimum pension payment
  • Taxation of pension accounts after death
  • And more..

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Live Online Masterclass - Presented By Peter Adams
Key Aspects of Australia's International Tax Regime
8th & 15th September 2022 (3 hours of CPD)

In our global economy, the tax rules inherent in our international tax regime and double tax treaties become an imperative premise for Australian individuals and businesses seeking to go overseas or foreigners seeking to come into Australia.

This masterclass focuses on the key income tax, CGT and GST implications of cross-border movement and transactions, including the principles underpinning Australia’s controlled foreign entity regime, transfer pricing and tax have charge of treaties.

Join us for:

Thursday 8th & Thursday 15th September 2022

The topics covered in this seminar will include:

  • Impact of residency and source of income for individuals and entities on the taxability of income and gains
  • Application of Australia’s double tax treaties
  • The mechanics of the controlled foreign company and controlled foreign trust rules
  • Thin capitalisation effect of Australian and foreign entities
  • Australia’s transfer pricing framework on international related party transaction
  • And more...

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