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In this video:

[Family Trust Foreign Person Amendments]

Now that we’ve all learnt everything you need to know about jobkeeper extensions, there's something else that accountants must think about. That is changes to family trusts where that trust has a direct or indirect interest in residential land in New South Wales.

Those deeds must be amended by the 31st of December 2020 otherwise the land in which that trust has an interest will be subject to foreign foreign owner land tax surcharge.

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As practicising accountants, you are required to complete a total of 120 hours of CPD per triennium (CA & CPA), with at least 20 hours undertaken each year. This equates to 40 hours of CPD per year.

As well as this, you are required to stay on top abreast of tax developments so as to provide the best service you can to your clients.

The Complete Tax CPD will provide you with 40 hours of CPD per year to meet your yearly requirement, whilst providing you with high-quality training that helps you stay up to date with changes within the taxation industry, as well as specialist training on important special topics.

Upcoming Training This Month

JobKeeper 2.0 Q&A Webinar
Friday, 10:30AM, 9th October 2020 (2 Hours of CPD)

JobKeeper 2.0 payments have started and the ATO has released changes to the dates, eligibility and tests.

As practising accountants dealing with many clients receiving these payments, you may have some questions regarding JobKeeper 2.0.

And with deadlines coming up, you will need answers soon.

Which is why we’ve been working hard with Senior Tax Counsel Peter Adams to create an exclusive Jobkeeper 2.0 Q&A webinar to address your questions.

This is a webinar solely dedicated to the questions asked by the attendees in the session so that you can develop a comprehensive understanding of all aspects relating to Jobkeeper 2.0.

Tax Training Day with Peter Johnson from Advisers Digest and Jo-anne Hotston from TaxBytes

Tax Training Day
16 October 2020, Friday (7 hours of CPD)

Our final session for 2020 begins on 16th of October in Sydney CBD. 

Keep up to date with all the major tax & legislative changes within the last quarter while learning important special superannuation & tax topics.

At our October event, we'll be looking at: SMSF's & Related/Unrelated Trusts, and Property - The Capital Revenue Distinction.

Upcoming Training In November

Taxations Aspects of Winding Up Companies Masterclass
6th, 13th, 20th November 2020 (3 Hours of CPD)

Winding up companies... Sounds simple enough as a topic. Sell the assets, pay the creditors, distribute remaining assets and dissolve the company. 

We really need to understand the taxation aspects of winding up companies so as to avoid any potentially massive implications if done incorrectly. 

This three-part masterclass will examine the taxation aspects of winding up companies, including recent legislative changes, rulings and court judgements