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Our weekly technical videos are created for accountants to assist their clients with self-managed super matters.

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Advisers Digest #182

(Free to watch until 5th December 2021)

In this video:

[When Does A Pension Start: Documentation?]

When does a pension start? Is this information that must be specified in relevant pension documents? In this video Peter answers the question of how to determine when a pension has, or will start.

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Coming Up In November

Live Online Webinar - Presented By Peter Adams
November Tax Update 
1PM, Thursday, 25 November 2021 (1 hour of CPD)

Webinars are a great way to receive your training without having to take much time off work to attend. You can join in on the session from wherever you are, whether you're at home or in the office.

This webinar provides comprehensive coverage of key changes and developments to relevant legislation, court judgements and ATO rulings. Changes will include those introduced between the months of October - November 2021.

Click the button below to register 

Live Webinars - Presented By Peter Johnson

Accountants Stuffing Up Their Own Small Business Concessions  

24 November OR 8 December 2021

(1 hour of CPD when you attend the live webinar)

Boost your technical knowledge with a recap of what you need to know about small business concessions, as well as real-life case studies and scenarios of accountants missing out or could have missed out on small business concessions (including a case study of Peter’s own business from a number of years ago).

Session Dates: (choose one of the sessions) 

This Wednesday 12pm,  24 November 2021 (AEDT)


Wednesday 12PM, 8 December 2021 (AEDT)

Refresh yourself about:

  • How can you access the Small Business Concessions?

  • What are the rules to access the concessions?

  • What are the conditions for accessing the Small Business Concessions?

  • What are the concessions that are available?

  • Case studies of actual accounting firms

  • And much, much more…

Live Online Webinar - Presented By Peter Johnson
Bi-annual SMSF Update 
This Friday, 26 November 2021 (1 hour of CPD)

Practising accountants need to be aware of how recent changes to the SMSF sector can impact the way in which they can serve their clients

Join me for my upcoming webinar in November is all about the Bi-Annual SMSF Update. It's your one-stop-shop for all the SMSF-relevant information you need access to, to bolster and update your technical knowledge.

My last SMSF Update primarily covered Budget-related announcements regarding SMSFs and superannuation. By now, legislation to enact many of those have been introduced into parliament.

We'll be covering:

  • Coverage of all of the legislative changes that have occurred in the SMSF sector over the past 6 months (including the progress on all of the Budget’s announcements)
  • The final ruling on NALE (We will pay special attention to the new NALE ruling)
  • The possible way out for accountants who are not charging fees to their own funds
  • Coverage of relevant Private Rulings, ATO publications and more
  • And much much more…

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Upcoming Live Training Events

Live Training Event - Presented By Joanne Hotston &  Peter Johnson
Tax Training Day 2021
10 December 2021 (7 hours of CPD)

Tired of doing online learning or prefer to do face to face training? We’ve got you covered. 

Our next live event is coming up in Sydney CBD. Learn from industry leading trainers in Tax and SMSF and gain up to 14 hours of CPD, as they cover topics essential for practising accountants.

Join Jo-anne Hotston from Tax Bytes and our founder, Peter Johnson, for informative sessions designed to educate and engage you during our Tax Training Days.

Date: 9AM - 5.30PM, Friday, 10 December 2021 (AEDT) 

Join us in December, and update your technical knowledge through training on topics such as:

  • SMSF Update (By Peter Johnson) - 1 hour
  • Uniform Capital Allowances  (By Jo-anne Hotston from TaxBytes) - 3 hours
  • Derivation of Income & Splitting of Income (By Jo-anne Hotston from Taxbytes - 2 Hours)
  • Tax Update (October to November) (By Jo-anne Hotston from TaxBytes) - 1 hours)
Click the button below to join us at the event in December 2021.

Coming Up In December

Live Online Webinar - Presented By Peter Johnson
Getting Your Trust Documents Right
Thursday, 16th December 2021 (2 hours of CPD)

Are you aware of the most common issues that can occur when you produce a trust deed online, and then execute them?

If you set up trusts for your clients (including super funds) and wish to better understand the execution of trust deeds, strengthen your ability in reviewing current documentation for common mistakes with this informative, online webinar.

Session Date: Thursday, 12PM, 16th December 2021 (AEDT)
Refresh yourself about:

  • The laws regarding execution of trust deeds for both individuals and corporations

  • Correct execution of a deed & legal requirements

  • Should you consider automating legal documents? The Pros & Cons

  • Types of things you need to be careful of when ordering trust documents

  • What you need to consider when transferring interests in trusts and companies

  • What to do when you discover that a large portion of your existing trusts have technical deficiencies

  • And much, much more....

Click the button below to join us in December 2021. 

Live Online Webinar - Presented By Allyson Pannier
Value Add Workpapers
 Friday,10 December 2021 (1 hour of CPD)

Many accountants (especially graduates) consider the preparation of workpapers to be overly onerous, too manual and needlessly time consuming. It can feel like they require them for EVERYTHING and that the information required is relatively unimportant or even useless.

Preparing the right workpapers in the right way can save time, money and a lot of future pain. This webinar is all about efficiently producing workpapers that are effective and add value to the process.

Session Date:  12PM, Friday, 10 December 2021 (AEDT)

This webinar will cover:

  • What are workpapers?-          

  • Why workpapers are required          

  • The key elements needed on EVERY workpaper

  • When workpapers are required and why

  • Types of workpapers-          

  • What is referencing and why it matters       

  • Examples of value add workpapers      

  • The importance of self-review

  • And much, much more....