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Advisers Digest #95

In this video:

[Rolling In Other Members to Pay Out an LRBA Debt]

This question discusses a scenario where there’s two people with an LRBA, don't like having debt, want to roll their best friends or their sister and brother or somebody else into the fund.

We’ll discuss implications such as: how do we go about it? Is there stamp duty? Can we do it? Is it arms length? 

Question 2: Auditing a Fund with Foreign Investments (Exclusive to Video Vault Subscribers)

This question is audit related, but still very relevant for non-auditors who are advising client where they have an investment in an overseas entity that has a balanced date as at 31st of March. We look at how do we audit it, what date do we use, etc,  and the problems associated with foreign investments and audits.

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