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Advisers Digest #79

In this video:

[What Are The Auditor’s Responsibilities Around Death Benefit Payments] 

This question is regarding an SMSF and the trustee passed away leaving all the assets and what is needed to be done with the assets in their will. The sister is now the trustee of the superfund and is wondering if they have complied with all the requirements.

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2nd video: [Can You Issue Units To A Related Party In A Pre-99 Unit Trust And Subsequently Redeem Them?] 

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Live & Online Training in October 

Special Disability Trusts 

Recently Peter was providing some advice to an accountant regarding a death benefit to be paid to a disabled child and Peter mentioned that a Special Disability Trust would be a good structure. The accountant replied that he knew nothing about them and it made Peter realise that there is no training around for accountants on Special Disability Trusts.

Which is why Peter has developed this 1-hour training on Special Disability Trusts.

When & Where?

This is a live & online webinar on:
11AM - 12PM, 24 October 2019

What's Covered In The Webinar?

? What is a Special Disability Trust?
? When can you use a Special Disability Trust?
? What are the alternatives to a Special Disability Trust? (Superannuation Pension, Special Needs Trust)
? How do you establish a Special Disability Trust?
? Centrelink and taxation consequences of a Special Disability Trust

And much much more...

? PLUS a FREE BONUS - 3 Month FREE Access to our SMSF Video Vault when you reserve your spot to this webinar (Valued at $111)

If you are unable to attend live,

we will provide you with a digital recording of the session.

You will still receive your 1 hour of CPD. You will still receive your 3 month access to the SMSF Video Vault. (170+ videos) (Valued at $111)

Live, In-Person Workshop in November 

Superannuation On Death Benefits

After selling out the first workshop in Sep - Tax & Estate Planning for The Death of SMSF Members, based on the requests from accountants, Peter decided to run an encore session for those accountants who missed out the first workshop.

If you are in Sydney and would like to sharpen your knowledge to better service your clients, 

When & Where?
9AM - 12:30PM, 22nd November 2019 (hosted in my office in the Sydney CBD)

What's Covered?

? The laws surrounding payment of death benefits
? Summary of relevant court cases
? Death benefit nominations
? Insurance issues
? Taxation of death benefits
? Tax planning for death benefits
? Case studies & strategies that you can apply to help save your clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It will be an intimate setting, it won’t be any old university lecture. 

Ask questions, spark discussions, share all your thoughts pertaining to death benefits during the session.