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Advisers Digest #73

In this video:

[Can I Sell Shares To My Fund At Market Value?] 

This question is a rather simple question - Can you buy shares, or more specifically, can you sell shares you own to your SMSF at market value? Peter provides an in-depth response to this question.

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2nd video: [Is The 5% In-House Assets Limited Based On Total Or Net Assets?] 

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Upcoming Event in August 

Tax Planning for The Death of SMSF Members

It will be spread over three 1-hour sessions at 11AM (Sydney time) 

11AM, Thursday 22nd of August (AEST)
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11AM, Friday 6th of September (AEST)

Do you know enough when it comes to death benefits matters?

Peter Johnson will be hosting an online Death Benefits Masterclass.

Learn about all the ins-and-outs when it comes superannuation death benefits.

Earn up to 3 hours of CPD. 

Peter  will be covering the laws and taxation around death benefits.

And he will go though case studies and strategies that you can apply today to save your clients hundreds of thousands of dollars!

If you are unable to attend live, recordings will be available after the sessions. 

Upcoming Event - Tax Training Day 2019

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