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Advisers Digest #68

In this week's episode I will be covering the following questions. 

[Can A Death Benefit Be Paid As A Pension Where There Is No Member Nomination?]

I look at what to do in a death benefit when there's no binding death benefit nomination. What are the laws around what you can do, when you can pay it, how you can pay it and who you can pay it to?

[Tax Planning For An 81 Year Old With 2 Market Linked Pensions]

This question is regarding a query that was raised, where an 81 year old lady was the recipient of two market link pensions, both to age 100, both with high taxable components. Her children have just realized that we when she dies, they will have a substantial death benefits tax liability. What can we do in that situation? I've done some modelling for that advisor as well and I have included it for your viewing.

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This week we will be revisiting Advisers Digest #1

We begin with our very first episode, recorded on 4 February 2018.

In this video:

1:05 [Did We Breach the SIS Act and How to Issue Shares to New Members] 

3:45 [Need a Deed of Ratification or Not?]

6:05 [Dealing with Dementia Trustee & Selling a Property] 

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